Crossroads Truck Repair Tows Bus Stranded In the Woods After GPS Gets Bus Driver Lost

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But this is nothing Crossroads couldn't over come! If you're stuck, give them a call at (906) 249-9075

But this is nothing Crossroads couldn’t over come! If you’re stuck, give them a call at (906) 249-9075

Marquette, MI  –  July 27, 2018  – Crossroads Truck Repair recently performed quite the rescue when they got a call about a tour bus stuck deep in the woods!

The bus full of Finns was headed out to camp on Peshekee Grade in Michigamme when the driver’s GPS took them down the wrong road. Before they knew it they were stuck deep in the thick bush on an old two-track. GPS is great, but sometimes it sends you camping where you don’t want to go! Thankfully, the stranded Finnish campers had enough cell phone service to call Mike at Crossroads!

Once the tow truck was on the scene, it only took nine hours to pull the bus out. It was quite an effort to to tow the bus, but not too big of a job for Crossroads Truck Repair! No matter where you get stuck, or how big your rig is, dialing up Crossroads Truck Repair is the right call to make.

Call day or night at (906) 249-9075






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