Crossroads Truck Repairs Safely Handles Big Rig Towing

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The damage to this big rig was extensive.

The damage to this big rig was extensive.

Copper Harbor, MI –  At Crossroads Truck Repair the mission is to get you back on the road as soon as humanly possible. Unfortunately, this truck won’t be back on the road until some serious repairs are made!

Earlier in the week Randy got a call about a truck in Kenton that had gone off the road and into a swamp land. The semi sustained some heavy damage to front end including broken axles on both sides! It was a big job, but not too big for Crossroads Truck Repair. When you get stuck or in a serious accident, skip the rest and call the best – Crossroads Truck Repair. The towing and repair company is one of the only businesses in the Upper Peninsula that can safely handle big rigs jobs.

Randy had the 50-ton Rotator Heavy Duty Towing Rig and they got to work. They hooked up the damaged semi and towed it right out of that muddy mess.

Whether you’re stuck in the woods or on the side of the highway, Crossroads Truck Repair is just one call away, and they’ll go drive across the Upper Peninsula to help.

In trouble? Give Randy a call at (906) 249-9075!



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