Crossroads Truck Repair Travels to Copper Harbor For Recent Log Truck Towing Job

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This burnt log truck was located up on Copper Harbor.

This burnt log truck was located up on Copper Harbor.

Marquette, MI  –  October 4, 2018  –  When you call Crossroads Truck Repair, they’ll travel across the Upper Peninsula to help!

The company recently got a call about a burnt logging truck that needed towing up in Copper Harbor. After traveling about three hours to get to truck’s location, Randy got to work! The team assessed the situation and came up with a plan to safely tow the loaded logging truck.

A phone call in to Crossroads is a phone call to the best. They know drivers could lose more money while a truck is down than what it costs to repair it. Because of that, Crossroads runs 2 shifts to ensure they get drivers back on the road as soon as possible. They also have eight highly trained diesel technicians on call day and night ready to work on vehicles as they come in.

If you’ve gone a big rig that needs towing, Crossroads Truck Repair is the place to call. Pick up the phone and dial (906) 249-9075.



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