Crossroads Truck Repair Called Out to Accident near Big Bay, Michigan

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The vehicle was badly damaged after going off the road.

The vehicle was badly damaged after going off the road.

Big Bay, MI  –  October 8, 2018  –  Sometimes on the way up to Big Bay mistakes can happen in a big way. For this work truck, that mistake involved driving off the road, launching into the air, and flipping over several times before hitting a tree.

When accidents like this one happen, drivers call Crossroads Truck Repair. Mike and his team are towing professionals who know how to safely handle moving larger trucks and getting the vehicles back home for repairs. Back at the repair shop, Crossroads Truck Repair has eight professionally training technicians on call around the clock ready to work on your vehicle when it comes in because at Crossroads it’s their mission to get you back of the road as quickly as possible.

For a big truck tow, day or night, give Mike a call at  (906) 249-9075



Winter Roads are Tough on Trucks

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18 Wheelers in need of maintenance


Marquette, Michigan  –  From Salt and Dirt to Chemicals that would make your skin crawl, winter truck driving in the U.P. is a pain.  The Marquette County Road Commission tries their best to keep slippery roads under control but this doesn’t bode well for your truck…
Brakes for example  –  How important are they?  They are your trucks life blood to safety.  How many times have 18 wheelers had to jack-knife to avoid taking out a careless motorist in those darn little cars… Cross Roads Truck Repair Replaces and Repairs air brakes of all kinds.  Give us a try.
If you need a Tow let us know – Big or Small we can handle your rig.

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